Reading Art is about how art acquires meaning through interpretation or “reading.” Interpretation is guided by art books and other printed matter. They help us understand art, its history and meanings. So the focus of the site is books about art and books of art, books new and not so new, local, national and international.

There is also quite a bit of material on this site about how we read art directly, by looking at it and interacting with it. Art has its own language, though nobody could recite its alphabet for you, that isn’t literal, but metaphorical, social and behavioural. Of course there is a kind of language to art, to its shapes and colours, in a gestalt sort of way, but here we are trying to get at something else, the “readings” that we get from, or give to, art.

And in the course of looking at art books and art, there is also invariably some regard for  related topics like culture, organizations, the art education system, artbook publishing, magazines and journals, how art appears in the media, etc.

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